Kurzfilm / 4:06 min / 16mm
Kamera / Konzept / VFX

„Briesen“ conveys its content on an emotional, subconscious level. The images are fragmentary and detached from a linear story; similar to scraps of memories, which linger in the mind very briefly. It’s like thinking about a dream. The more you try to link these images together, the more they are vague.

The village name „Briesen“ comes from the Slavic / Indo-Germanic word for birch (Berke, Breze, Bryzinie). So the originally meaning was birch village. Later the area was named the “great heath”, because in the catchment area of the river Spree were extensive swamps, marshes and moorland.

Regie: Tilo Hauke
Kamera: Gunar Meinhold
Sounddesign: Dominik Leube
Produktion: Fachhochschule Dortmund

★ Bolzano Short Film Festival